To buy online, you need to create an account, payment are via CC. If you encounter any problem, just email me.
If you want a canvas/drawing that you saw on website or insta and that is not in the shop, ask me, i'll tell you how much it is and put it online for you.

Thanks for appreciating my work. Damien

  • Exhibition Novotel Amiens Boves

    William ZIEGLER and its team host me for 2 months and present my work in the lobby, restaurant and in the seminar/meeting spaces. Thanks a lot

  • Exposition Hippodrome Amiens

    form janv 201 till jan. 2021, i will be present in the 2 private salons of the Hippodrome

  • At "les Orfèvres", gastronomic restaurant, Amiens

    Season 2

    What an honour to have, for a year, a wild card for my art in this place where tastes are already free as a bird. Oct 2019 - Oct 2020. thanks so much Pennie and Frédéric.

  • at Yvert Gallery in Amiens (80)

    Gallery is in the headquarters of Yvert & Tellier's company and thus open on work days. i f you wish a private visit, ask Benoit Gervais ; or ask me, and i will present you my pieces of art.

  • Sold, private collection

    Sold pieces of art and/or belonging to private collection or to gallery found