Welcome in the shop, you will find here a huge part of my work (not all is on line). if you want more of my work, don't hesitate to ask.
As damjump, I am open to all artistic possibilities and collaborations. And, as you have already seen, I've tried and experienced different formats and techniques : canvas and drawings with acrylic, pencil drawing, feltpen, Indian ink and mixed media.

You can sort drawings and canvas by exhibition, or series, by format or prices. Don't hesitate to browse all my creations.

  • Exposition Galerie AAC, Amiens

    After several months of lockdown, doors are finally re-opening. In this new exhibition at the AAC gallery, i propose you only big formats of acrylic canvas taht are focused on climat change problems or questions : how many of us will be forced to migrate ? what problems might me face ? how to cope with borders ? ressources ? what about islands that are only very close to be overwhelmed by sea level rise ?
    about 30 pieces of art to share questions

  • Exhibition, Paris 3rd district, Gallery Pastourelle

    20 artists presented during 3 days by The Art Cycle with whom i do work for leasing of art pieces

    during these 3 days, you will be able to see two pieces of my work:

    Karless fashion week : to recall that it wont ever be the same, and that's life.
    65x45cm, acrylic on velin 120lb, framed raw oak

    Esclavage Moderne : a poke to Carmignac's Foudation that does an amazing job with art, and especially one exhibition that striked me on women and childrens condition on migrations
    80x60cm, acrylic on canvas

  • at Yvert Gallery in Amiens (80)

    Gallery is in the headquarters of Yvert & Tellier's company and thus open on work days. i f you wish a private visit, ask Benoit Gervais ; or ask me, and i will present you my pieces of art.

  • Sold, private collection

    Sold pieces of art and/or belonging to private collection or to gallery found

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