Series of works

Contemporary, abstract and semi-abstract artist, Damjump draws my inspiration from the world around him. Passionate about drawings, he draws on canvas, paper, wood and stone. in acrylic, pastel, markers. In all his creations, the line is extremely present, as well as the black. It reproduces on paper my emotions, my feelings about today's society, to tell a story.

Discover all of Damjump's series of works: drawings, paintings and illustrations. Let yourself be guided through these galleries, which you can also find on its exhibitions.

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  • Climate

    100 years of "industrial revolution" to produce objects that you do not know what to do with them. Never have we been so informed and so blind. The speed seems exhilarating but the wall is approaching. I see it, it hurts me in advance. Buy a painting from the Climate series

  • Energy to give - 5 senses

    Let the flow pass throught and see it. This serie is completely anchored in sensations, emotions, pulsations and vibrations, and meditation. began in 2017, it is the most impressive in number = more than 300 drawings Buy a painting from the Energy to give - 5 sens series

  • Black work

    The line, the lines, and some black, these are of course the infra-structure of all my paintings and drawings. I can see how much Soulages has "marked" me now. Buy a painting from the Black Work series

  • Partridges of the year

    Some unlikely couples, borned from the idea of russian dolls and married under the feltpens points. Around 40 drawings. Buy a painting from the partridges of the year series

  • Sticks of life

    This serie is crafted in the wood of walking sticks : packets of eyes, hair, ears coming out of the lines of the drawing to call out for personas. Buy a painting from the sticks of life series

  • Abyssal lines

    Lines gather and meet themselves in an intricated manner that I am found of, to tell stories, to create personas, to say something that needs several looks to get at. Serie began in 2017, most populated serie, 70+ Buy a painting from Abyssal lines series

  • 800 years Amiens Cathedral

    800 years, a special year for Amiens' cathedral to feel and look at this beautiful lady, with an obviously different thought given the fire of Notre Dame de Paris. These now bare walls have been inhabited. Filled with noises and swarms of craftsmen and people, the construction site, paintings, frescoes on the walls ... that the current alabaster struggles to give us back. However, you only have to close your eyes to see them all going about and running, singing and praying, building and painting, there, very close, in the mineral immensity of white silence. BUY A PAINTING FROM THE AMIENS CATHEDRAL 800 YEARS SERIES

  • Lanzarote - 2019

    The sleeping fury of the volcanic stone speaks to the wind and the waves, and calms myself. Buy a painting from the Lanzarote 2019 series

  • Inktober - 2018

    This instagram contest has been offering for several years to make a drawing / a day in Indian ink or in black and white, with one word per day. Buy a painting

  • Plug your elephant or die - 2017

    First improbable series that gave birth to others from this short and so unexpected story. Buy a painting

  • Japan

    Smell the cherry blossoms and the wind.