damjump, contemporary artist

Biography Damjump

damjump is a contemporary French artist passionate about drawings.

Born in 1968 in Châteauroux, Damien has been an artist since 2018. He trained in classical line drawing in the USA for 1 year in 1987 and then went to business life.

Former company manager, ergonomist, since 1994, he has created 2 companies and participated in 4 (including a startup). He has been observing and trying to understand other people's jobs and the climate for 24 years.

damjump spent his childhood in France : Chateauroux. He spent a year in Salt Lake City, Utah, Usa in 1987, and he travelled and lived in several countries in europe, and lived in several places in france : Angers, Lyon, Brive la Gallarde. He lived 23 years in Grenoble, and settled since 2018 in Amiens, in Hauts-de-France.

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Gallery AAC, "Tic toc le climat ?",may-july
Gallery Encadfement Votre, Amiens, mars
Galerie Lez'Art en Ville, ave DLX (Delphine Deroussen), Amiens, janvier
Halls of honor, Hippodrome d'Amiens, 4 months
Les Orfèvres, carte blanche, 18 months, 3 seasons, Amiens



Galerie Lez'Art en Ville, ave DLX (Delphine Deroussen), Amiens
AAC Gallery, 800 years of Amiens Cathedral, 15 artists
Gallery of Friends of the Arts of the Somme, online, 800 years Amiens Cathedral
Halls of honor, Hippodrome d'Amiens Les Orfèvres, carte blanche, 12 months in 3 seasons, Amiens



Galerie Yvert, Exhibition "damjump", Amiens
Novotel Amiens, Exhibition: Lobby, restaurant, bar and seminar space
Anthony Huynh Gallery, 5 artists, Amiens
Galerie L'atelier de la poissonnerie, Exhibition "Revolution for Climate", Chateauroux
Divinita, Amiens
Ephemeral gallery, OOkad, 5 artists, Amiens
Text for book and exhibition, "Beings at work", Palais du luxembourg,> 1million visitors
Galerie Yvert, "The gallery follows its line", 6 artists, Amiens



Galerie la Poissonerie, "Tri-Dimensionnel" Exhibition, with Patrick Portrait sculptor, Chateauroux
Galerie Le Café, Exhibition "Alambique", Amiens
Frenchtech gallery, "Replay" exhibition, Amiens
ThinkmyArt, Christmas market, Amiens
16th Contemporary Art Fair, 49 artists, Colombes


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Trade fairs:

Creators Square, Colombes, France, 2018



Realization of a Two pieces of Art, live work for the 170 years of the Hippodrome d'Amiens, GNT 2020, work exhibited on site, lounge of the president. public collection


Posters, drawings and illustrations:

Cover of the book "La convergence Organizational", B. Zittel, Yann Poley & Sylvain Biquand, Autoproduit, 2020


Permanently :

Yvert Gallery, Amiens
His art workshop, Amiens


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Inspiration and creative line

In damjump's creations, the line is extremely present, as well as the black. The black and variations of Pierre Soulages marked him a lot, as well as the lines of Victor Vasarely and the geometric games which imposed themselves on us on all the displays at the time of the release of Oxygène (JM.Jarre). Vassily Kandinsky and Joan Miro 'are his voice for the treatment of the line. Following them and escaping them in order to blow up the colors in the style of Jean Michel Basquiat or François Glineur is a bit of his crazy bet.

He never really believed in human intelligence and Picasso, especially Guernica, illustrates for him our violence and our inability to collectively produce good. The 5th element of Luc Besson resonates in him, and the artists are like these guardians of the temple, solitary and misunderstood in this world doomed to extinction.

The climate and the violence of the battle to come preoccupy him greatly and inhabit him, haunt him. They echo each other in the rock and heavy metal which have accompanied him for a long time and which speak to him just as much as Billie Eilish, Dub Inc, Depeche Mode or more recently Debussy. On these muscular musical rebounds, he sees himself traversing the trees of Giuseppe Penone, exploded like Francis Bacon and charred by the fire of the droughts.

Damjump loves the intense, the movement and the pulsating.

Inspiration from Damjump
Creation of Damjump


Creation is ultimately something Damjump has underestimated for a very long time. Obviously, he has always scribbled, on his pages of notebooks, his sheets of binders, his pencil cases, ... while dreaming, while telephoning, on blocks of post-it ....

But also, professionally, where he often illustrated his words with sketches made in a hurry on the corner of a table, a board, a sheet. He can't speak without drawing ... and he talks a lot!

The first turning point was made thanks to Pierre Morize, in the GERME Touch group where it was necessary to design a poster for the group. Then later in a personal reflection session with Anouchka. It was the writing that had "popped" to the surface with that sparkle side. And then lots of other things from the kindness and sincerity shared by his fellow travelers in this group (6 years old) who let the little voice say “what if?”.

The second turning point, he owes it to Catherine, his adored neighbor, who read her creations written on her Facebook account. And who one evening at Neighbors Day said to him "at the next session of my book club, I offer your texts, you put them in one booklet? It's next Wednesday". Damjump had then concatenated his texts from the last 5 years to make a collection of short stories which had shown him that the way is open to those who wish to walk.

The third is his partner who one day looked at him strangely and offered him a packet of markers and a sketchbook, saying something like "what if you draw for real?" with a smile to die for. It was between November 2017 and February 2018. Since the monster is released, the edge of the forest passed and the rays of the sun warm his face with happiness.