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Damjump, alias Damien Huyghe, is a French contemporary artist and designer. Passionate about drawing, he fills white sheets with interwoven lines. His works inspired by the world around him, transcribe his sensations, his feelings and his questions about life.

Discover the creative universe of Damjump through his drawings, paintings, illustrations.

Artistic approach

Damjump's vibration is the present, but this present is indelibly marked by the traces of human history, myths, rumors, vibrations. With this impression of being a blotter of sensations, his own, those of others, those of the world around us. In front of the white sheet, it is the hardest, thickest lines that come to him first. They impose themselves, they are constructed in an interlacing which announces the beings or the forms which will populate his fabrics, his drawings. Damien does not premeditate. It traces as in 'automatic writing'. It is the story of his life that is emerging, and that of past centuries. Then he observes, feels, waits, and lets rest. The traced canvas "speaks" to him and he fills it in small touches, by successive alignments, by colors. To finally end up with something that always surprises him. This process can last a few minutes, several days, several weeks.

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Damjump - French designer
Damjump - contemporary artist

Between the words and the drawing

Damjump doesn't know where all this is stored, or how it comes, it's there on paper. Spill of an imaginary built over 30 years, a snapshot that filters the sensations of the current world? He doesn't know, and doesn't want to know. And then, at one point, the name of the painting is essential, in French, English, German or Spanish, even in Italian. It is at this moment that everything takes on meaning, that the kilometers of lines traveled say why they brought him to this composition, why the meanders of his thoughts brought the elements of the painting. He loves this magical resonance between words and drawings. It is as if a soap bubble explodes when he finds the name which belongs to the drawing. It flies, explodes and comes to scatter on the canvas to give it its meaning.

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