100 years of "industrial revolution" to produce objects that you do not know what to do with them. Never have we been so informed and so blind. The speed seems exhilarating but the wall is approaching. I see it, it hurts me in advance.

Buy a painting from the Climate series

  • L'eau monte et te noiera

    play football, knees in water on marshall islands. no problem ? ok let's do nothing. 62x84 cm, pastel and acrylic on velin 120lb

  • War is coming

    the "peacefull" and useless Europe shall come to war again, soon

  • Rocket dog

    no time anymore for Mars' race, Sptouniks won't save us anymore Elon

  • Guerilla

    water as next war, but dont worry, we will die

  • Le prédateur tue son hote

    62x84 cm, pastel and acrylic on velin 120lb

  • Ant's age is gone

    60% of insects are gone, what else is needed ?

  • 1. no more flowers

    2 yaers after last bee, we will have disappeared. Albert Einstein

  • el giro del nino

    wind is growing, bringing its wave of death. Moïse 7 seven sins are just a joke compared to it

  • Happy face

    and during all this, remember "be happy", that's the clue

  • Dragon fly

    soon, the butterfly effect will only be a memory

  • enjomineur 2020

    Pierre Bordage's "Fée Mélusine" does observ us but chaos of revolution is not far away, soon. 62x84cm

  • no more pastic at sea

    Please do not stop to buy, but and buy. 62x84cm, acrylic on velin

  • Lost in global warming

    Antarctica is melting, ice cracks are not heard here

  • dont worry death will host you

    How much more to be able to ear that climate migration is coming ? A1 format, acrylic on velin

  • Only IA's bug left

    let's creat algorythms that will do what we do not to save the planet. yes, it certainly will work better

  • Nazcas glyphes

    Nazcas were searching for water in deserts on hundreds of kilometers calling for stars to help them, shall we know how to do it ? 42x60cm, acrylic