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For Damjump, creating is not trying. It is above all to connect life, emotions, memories, shadows, joy and books, facts, events, ...
You can see his works permanently at the Galerie Yvert et Tellier, by appointment at the studio and at the exhibitions (3 at the moment).

Find all the exhibitions where you can discover the works of Damjump. You will find there the retrospective of his past exhibitions, as well as the dates of upcoming exhibitions.

But also all the news concerning his artistic creations, and his publications in the press.

The latest exhibitions

  • Streetart at the Marché de Noel Amiens, dec 2018

    ThinkmyArt, an artist web platform, asked 5 local Artists to participate in an exhibit during the "Marché de Noêml". I am in :D Great ! 2 houses were invaded by Patricia Blondel, Romain Dorez (people of the year 2018 for Amiens), Lucien Mélou, Hamid Ouarraoui et me, Damien Huyghe. Styles and sizes are different, all on winter, snow and christmas.

  • Salon Carré des Créateurs 16-18 novembre, Colombes (92)

    this salon, created 15 years ago by passionate people, does defend creations of contemporary artits. We were more than 40 artists selected for this salon that gave us the great occasion to meet a numerous public and the other artists. 3 days to share in this very professional arena. Great. happy to be there for my first salon. Thanks.

  • Tri-Dimensionnel, 1- 30 november 2018, Chateauroux (36), France

    This exhibition was made at 3 artits : sculptor (Patrick), painter (Christophe), drawer (Damien). a time that last to tame the soil, a moment to evaluate and mix colours of paintings, a blink to draw a fast line and to get lost in the various paths.

    In this Three-Dimension travel, we propose you to see and share influences of the stone on the paper, of the paper on the painting, on the paint on the stones. It took us more than a month to create and influence each other. the result shall be interesting.

    Vernissage was on the 3rd nov at l'Atelier de la poissonnerie, Chateauroux

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La carte magique

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