Exhibit in April 2019, 4th till 22nd, Atelier de la Poissonnerie

In april, i have the pleasure to be again at l'Atelier de la Poissonnnerie, Chateauroux (36), France, for a more personal theme showing a lot more big formats and coloured canvas (16 out of 27 canvas). this is the direct heritage of cooperations created in 2018. Come and see :D

In this exhibition, i will present 16 big formats canvas, that are related to climate, to the noise that disappearing democraty is making, without any notices from the various governements, and to the silent death of numerous living species around the globe.

More happy feelings and emotions are also present, as L'ile mistérieuse d'Alex, shown on right (85x60 cm framed in raw oak), that is a tribute to Alexandre Mazzia, a now very famous cook chef, that we follow for some years now. His colourfull cooking, as well as his extra-ordinary way of creating flavors makes me cry every time we go travelling on cooking with him and his team in Marseille.

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