First gallery : @Yvert, may june 2019, Amiens

I am very happy and honored to announce you that i will be, grom now, one of the artists that are shown at Yvert et Tellier's gallery in Amiens.

For this first exhibition, i wil have the chance to have the whole gallery for myself. I will present 60 drawings and canvas.

You were more than 50 at the "vernissage", the 23th of May, rue de l'étoile à Amiens. thanks :D

The exhibition is divided in several scenes where the different series are shown :

- the entrance and first corridor depicts feltpens drawings and canvas where personnaes and shadows are quite present

- then on your left, the blue corner gets you in south america and in the events of the last months in france (gilets jaunes...)

- going front, in the small living room, you will meet my canvas inspired by the black of Soulage

- going right you will, L'ile Mystérieuse d'Alex and the small drawings will bring you to the flavor land,

- just before entering in the kitchen where color and white battles to shows you body lines.

10 canvas were sold during this exhibition, thanks a lot to everybody.

damien huyghe artist contemporary art gallery exhibition