Saison 1

Find in this section, the canvas that were exhibited between oct 2019 and end of januray 2020.

Raw oak for most of the frames to talk about climate and exctiction of insects and life, and at the end the night and its sweetness.


If we do really open our eyes, wa can see attacks made to earth, nature and animals, all day long.

An awaken conscious might be the way as Alchimists, sorcerers and other witches might bring the necessary change in our way to look at things lately. It does seems that black bloacks and gilets jaunes are not quite exactly ways of changing positively the world.

In the rising sun of the morning, while meditating, radiatiosn to hit me, to recall how love is present. at night, black comes back, putting lines and squares and boxes on mathematic world, bringing the worst of human spirit to others species.